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Giving Back and Paying Forward


When Cocoon Incentives was founded in 2011, it had sustainability in its mind. Our events are geared to the Fortune Top companies and its top producers. However, giving back to those less fortunate, is what we do after each and every program. We like to leave the world a better place when we leave and these are some of the projects we donate time or money to: 

- Adopted 25+ sea turtles in the world's oceans, particularly along the Florida's coast

- Adopted several dolphins and manatees 

-Painted a children's hospital

-Supported the Smile Train to help children with cleft lips 

-Supported Homeless Shelters in Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami...

-Donations to UNICEF and SOS Children's Villages

-Made hygiene kits for women's shelters in Florida and Las Vegas

- Supported local musicians in Chicago, New Orleans and New York

- Donated to dog & cat programs

- Planted Trees worlwide

-Organized and participated in numerous beach clean-ups


Clean The World Event lr.jpg
Beach Clean up collage.jpg


The philosophy of Cocoon Incentives is to create memorable events for you. This goes hand in hand with a sustainable approach to our resources, both human and natural. And it starts with sourcing and implementing planet-friendly practices. 
CSR done right is a win-win for everyone involved. It created a bonding factor between your participants, your brand, and it help the community you selected. It adds purpose to your meeting and creates a positive image for your company. 
We have helped our clients find meaningful ways to give back to the destination they visited. Let's talk about ways you can integrate CSR into your upcoming event!

Like what you see? Get in touch to plan your next event.

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