Corporate Sustainable Responsibility 

The Green Touch


The philosophy of Cocoon Incentives is to create a long term memory with the events and services we offer to you. This goes hand in hand with a sustainable approach to nature and our resources, both human and natural. By using our resources carefully, we create a better atmosphere. This is true for your business as well as ours.  


Corporate Responsibility done right is a win-win for everybody involved: It creates a bonding factor between your clients or employees and your brand. It helps the community or project you selected. And it certainly boosts your company's image. 


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been at the core of Cocoon Incentive's business long before it turned trendy. Talk to us to see how we can incorporate CSR in your next event. 

Think Green!


Cocoon Incentives partners with sustainable suppliers - from hotels to venues and caterers - whenever possible and desired. Ask us about how we can create an event which integrates corporate responsibility. We hope you share our view that our time and money spent should be a long lasting investment in humandkind and nature.


Our Commitment


Cocoon Incentives donates parts of its profits to non-profit organizations, which have a relationship either by nature of the client's business or to leave a positive footprint in the area we visited.  Over the years, we adopted many sea turtles and manatees in their natural habitat in the Atlantic Ocean. We also helped children find their smiles back by supporting the smile-train, painting a children hospital's wall with murals, making hygiene kits for homeless people in shelters, or school music programs by hiring their young talent. 


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Here are some of the areas we supported:


- Adopted 50+ sea turtles and dolphins in the world's oceans, particularly along Florida's Atlantic and Gulf Coast

- Painted a children's hospital in Miami

- Supported the Smile Train to help children with cleft lips - worldwide

- Donated to Cancer Research in Chicago

- Supported Homeless Shelters in Boston, San Fracisco, Las Vegas,...

- Donations to UNICEF and SOS Childrens villages

- Made soap kits for a womans shelter in Las Vegas and in South Florida

- Supported local musicians in Chicago, New Orleans and New York

- Planted Trees in Florida

-Community Clean-ups and Beach Clean-ups

-Homeless Teens in L.A. and Las Vegas

-PAWS to keep stray pets safe in inner cities

-Immigration Centers to help children with integration 


We are also proud to say that our office is powered by the sun - we installed 20 solar panels to provide us with clean and renewable energy!